The World Is Coming To An End

The world is coming to an end. It is teeming with life that was doomed before it was born. The very rich and powerful have purchased immunity from suffering, while the poor and helpless lie down to sleep in the very dust to which they will soon return. From the fall of man to our […]

Prayer of Repentance

I pray desperately that we will allow His light to shine through us to the dark world, so that those who are called to repentance will be able to find their way to the Light of the World.

Clouds Without Water – A Study In The Book Of Jude

Christian artist Teri DiSario once recorded a song called “Clouds Without Water;” I woke up with this on my mind one morning. To my surprise, I found that even though I hadn’t heard the song in at least 15 years I could still sing the chorus, which went pretty much like this:“Are we clouds without […]

About Deliverance From Demons

ABOUT DELIVERANCE FROM DEMONSThe following is an excerpt from some correspondence I had with a pastor-brother on the subject of deliverance from demons, commonly held as “deliverance ministry” in the church. I have removed the names in order to protect the privacy of the individuals. These are my thoughts on the issue of biblical teaching […]

Put Away The Wicked From Among You – A Sermon

Put Away The Wicked From Among You – A Sermon If you are a Christian believer, then this is written to you.However, anyone may feel free to read it.I’m going to jump right in and tackle a subject that shouldn’t be controversial! But it is. So here we go.In order for the churches to be clean, […]