God’s Wrath – Dream/Vision

I had this dream several years ago, but it is still relevant. Please share! This is a Wake Up Call.Pastora Covert

1981 Near Death Experience: Dying and Meeting Jesus

Sharing this video of my experience in the hope it will bless others.Pastora Covert

Military Dream

Note: 2017 – Ten years on, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been delayed, over budget, and not produced or delivered on schedule. To me, it seemed like a dead issue, but the President Donald Trump revived it and it was reported that a new deal was being cut so that this aircraft can be […]

Video – Put Your Feet Under Your Own Table

This is a video I have prepared based on the dream I had from the Lord on March 16, 2017. I have a new YouTube channel called “Pastora Covert’s Place” and I intend to publish more dreams and visions to that channel to help those who prefer to read along as I speak, or to […]

PUT YOUR FEET UNDER YOUR OWN TABLE: Dream, Interpretation, and Prophetic Word

AWAKE NOW SLEEPERS! Put away your rancor, your unforgiveness, your fear, your vain imaginations, your vainglories and unwarranted pride, humble yourselves before the Lord, and prepare to find yourselves in the presence of your Master to do His will utterly, with a whole heart and a good will.