Consider, then, what emotions your Abba, Father God, feels when He watches your behavior and sees every intent of your heart! Doesn’t He feel your rejection when you go your own way?

Sore Toes and Falling Cans

One day I saw my dad stick out his foot on a reflex to catch a can of vegetables that was falling off the counter. While he successfully cushioned the blow for the can, he broke his big toe. The thing is, cans don’t need either help or a soft landing, and usually the best […]

Getting The Gum Off My Shoes

I said to my step-daughter: “I feel like I am trying to get somewhere but I have gum on my shoes and it is holding me back.”

Chakras and Christ – Some Thoughts

I would like to make a few comments about the primary discord between Christianity and the New Age movement. Here is the premise: if we will humble ourselves and turn from our sins, and return (teshuva) to the Lord, He will forgive us and cleanse us. Then we may begin the process of walking with […]

Seasons of Life Revisited

Yeshua (Jesus) used His marvelous creation to teach us, and I think the lessons wherein he used gardens are the ones that most clearly speak to me. The life of a garden, from tilling up the earth to prepare for planting, to the harvest and subsequent turning over of the well-used soil, is a marvelous […]