The Shining Man by Ellis (Elskon) Skolfield

Ellis Skolfield, who worked with hundreds of “multiples” over a period of 10 years wrote a truly remarkable book on how the Lord Jesus Christ heals MPD/DID. But this book isn’t what you might expect – it’s so much better! Before he passed away, “Elskon” made this book available on his website for free. The […]

Prayer of Repentance

I pray desperately that we will allow His light to shine through us to the dark world, so that those who are called to repentance will be able to find their way to the Light of the World.

Salvation And The Last Days

Note that in the last days, men’s hearts will fail them because of fear. An increasing number of people will experience heart attacks, heart failure, anxiety attacks and such because of the fear they have regarding the times we are in, and their dismay for the future will cause them to weaken and loose heart.