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The following is an excerpt from some correspondence I had with a pastor-brother on the subject of deliverance from demons, commonly held as “deliverance ministry” in the church. I have removed the names in order to protect the privacy of the individuals. These are my thoughts on the issue of biblical teaching on deliverance from demons, versus the teaching of some highly visible men and women in the church who have added much to the teachings of the Word of God in order to add to their personal fame and profit.

First, with regard to so-called “deliverance ministry”:

Forgive me if I sound incredulous here, but I wonder if anyone mentioned “soul-ties” to Abraham, Isaac or Jacob? How about to David, who became free to marry yet another wife (Abigail) when God struck down Nabal? If not David, how about Abigail herself, since according to this doctrine, she must have had “soul-ties” to Nabal? I wonder why God apparently overlooked this very important doctrine when He inspired men to write the Word? Could it be because He already provided everything we need to know about deliverance in the actions, words and person of His dear SON?

JESUS delivered with a WORD! Not a magic word, but by the authority of Who He IS – the same authority that spoke the Universe and all it contains into existence! He showed us by His questioning of the *Gadarene demoniac that a person could have more than one demon, in fact a legion of them, but He did not spend the next several hours in the catacombs calling on each one of the demons to tell Him their names so that He could then call them out! They addressed Him quickly, as one person, and said, “What have we to do with you, Son of God?” They knew it wasn’t yet time for their destruction, so they begged to be moved into the herd of swine, and Jesus agreed! They KNEW who He was, and when we are His, they KNOW who we are!

The problem is we let some money-scheming wolf in shepherd clothes make up new rules to a “game” he doesn’t fully understand, and we invest him with the authority to tell us how to play the game to his satisfaction! The money changers in the temple of our day are the hucksters that create a “new” problem and then just so happen to be able to “deliver” you of the problem (for a price, for a donation, for an offering, for an annuity, for fame, for a booking, etc.). They are a stench in the nostrils of a Holy God!

I have run the whole gamut of these so-called deliverance “ministries” over the past 45 years since I first accepted the Lord: even participating in the “breaking the soul-ties” thing just to “cover all the bases” (this is actually a discussion for another time) and the above is the conclusion I have come to. Even if there are such things as “soul ties”, we don’t need to have special workshops or sessions in order to break them because God knows our frame, He knows our weaknesses, and Jesus has provided His blood, which is applied to all our sin and need when we ask Him and put our faith in Him!

It is NOT questionable, it is NOT a lack of faith, and it is NOT “unspiritual” to seek confirmation of a person’s work through the Scriptures! In fact, it is the FIRST PLACE WE SHOULD GO! So many of these smart men and women feel that the Bible is passé and they shouldn’t rely on it for their instruction, since now they have the Spirit! They leave out the very foundation of our instruction, and leave the poor folks who do not have spiritual discernment open to the attack of any spirit that masquerades itself as a messenger of God or angel of light! God gave us the scriptures to teach us His nature, His power, His glory and His plan! If we neglect that, then we can be tossed about with every wind of doctrine that comes along. That, indeed, is what has happened with the doctrines of demons that we were warned not to be involved with! Foolish people, ever learning, never able to come to the knowledge of the truth, following everyone who claims to have the answer, looking for a miracle! Instead, they should be obedient to the Lord, and then He would bless them!

But concerning, possession/oppression: when there is a demon infestation, if we have faith in Christ, then we will be able to cast them out. Perhaps with prayer and fasting, as Jesus said, or perhaps with a word! Perhaps with a rebuke to the person, like Jesus said after delivering some: “Go and sin no more!”

Sometimes people are swept clean, as Jesus described to His disciples, and then the demon that left, finding no place to rest, comes back with seven stronger demons to re-inhabit the same person. Because the person who was cleansed did not go and “sin no more”, but went right back to his sin, he was not filled with the Holy Spirit, and so the demons were able to re-enter.

So-called deliverance ministries have often capitalized on this to demonstrate that whoever did the original deliverance must have done it wrong, not been holy enough, or didn’t have the ability to discern all the demons.

I see evidence of that same kind of thinking in Ms. M’s statement:
“Also trained Christian counselors in deliverance ministry can assist, providing everything they say and do is in alignment with the Word of God”. She sets the bar impossibly high for all others, and her statement is crafted to make the reader infer that one can depend that everything that she says or does is in alignment with the Word of God. Again, here is the classic con that has corroded the church from the inside out! Tell the poor sheep they are ill and nobody else has the medicine to cure them but you! NONSENSE!!

First of all, if anyone could infallibly say or do only what is in alignment with the Word of God, we would never have had need of a Savior! The Law, which is good and pure, showed us we are sinful. God’s Law is not evil, not to be spurned, not to be mocked! But it showed us that we needed a mediator to God, and HE said that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins! Jesus became the bridge, the One to reconcile us to the Father, because we could not fulfill the Law! We could not obey the Word of God because we are all born in sin! Now that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, HE GIVES US THE POWER TO OBEY! Because we love Him, we obey! Jesus said “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and might, and love your neighbor as yourself.” He said the Law and the prophets were summed up in these statements. He did NOT say the Law and the prophets were countermanded by these statements! How ridiculous is it, then, that we want to hear all about what the prophets said, but we actually consider the LAW of God to be a DISGRACE! So much for the vile and defiled teaching of the church today. I won’t belabor the point any longer, I am sure you get what I’m saying.

Second, if even Apostle Paul, who had personal revelation of Jesus Christ after His resurrection and ascension to heaven, and personal instruction of the Holy Spirit for three years before he ever entered into public ministry, lamented about his human penchant to sin and err, giving all glory to Jesus for the fact that HE can make us stand, then it is obvious and clear that ALL of us need that same advocate with the Father, JESUS, our High Priest, to speak up for us.

Furthermore, 1 John 1:9 says that if we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness! If the possibility did not exist for us to still sin though we are in Christ, then that provision would not have remained available for us.

No, the real reason people are not able to be delivered was clearly addressed by Jesus. Jesus said to His disciples that the reason they were not able to deliver people of the particular demons (they had tried and failed) was partly due to the fact that they had no faith, and because the particular kind of demon they were facing came out only with prayer and fasting. To my knowledge, I haven’t met anyone in the deliverance “ministry” who came fasting; that would require humbling themselves to be servants, being ready to get their hands dirty, being ready to obey the Lord to serve the poor wretch they are dealing with. Too many in the so-called ministry wish to be elevated, wish to become famous, and wish to have their bellies filled.

My final thoughts on the subject or deliverance ministry is this:

Make people prove these “extra-biblical” excursions into the world of deliverance, including “soul ties”, by the Word of God! Time is, indeed, short, and there is too much work to do in fulfilling Jesus’ commission to His disciples for us to sit around and quibble with people who will not sit still for sound, biblical doctrine. How much more refreshing it would be to hear someone needing to make a case for being translated in the Spirit, as Philip was in the case of the Ethiopian eunuch. I am weary with the “me first” mentality of the American Christian religious system that claims to be right at all costs, even to the poor ones they claim to minister to! Make them prove it by the Word of God, and if they won’t receive instruction or correction, shake the dust off your feet and move on.

Pastora C

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