Growing Through Changes

It has been a while since I have posted anything. It seemed that I just needed to take some time to be quiet, and there certainly were a lot of family events and issues to attend to. Gardening has been taking some of my time, since seed sowing and tending is critical until the young plants have really taken hold in the soil.  My youngest son has been a co-laborer in the garden, and I really cannot call it “mine” any longer, but it is “ours”. This gardening time has become precious to me, and though my son started out reluctantly, he has become an attentive gardener, and often comes or calls to report the new growth. Where before he knew about gardening vicariously, through my examples and stories, now he has become initiated into the wonderful world of growing living plants for food, medicine and flowers. He had a green thumb and just didn’t know it. Read More ▼

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