Burch, My “Other Father”

My Nana used to say; “Things come in bunches, like grapes”. If she were around today, she would have made that comment regarding the prominent obituaries in current events. Certainly we have been saddened and shocked lately as we have read about all the recent deaths of famous people – some we celebrated, some we tolerated, and some we venerated.

Of course, we only knew what we read about them, unless we knew them personally. The one we venerated could have been an indecent person in private, and we would never know. The one we tolerated could have been worse than the worst villain we could imagine, and we could never prove it. The one we celebrated could have lived a life of quiet desperation, but all we saw was that famous smile. Today, yet another is added to the list of famous personalities who died suddenly, too young and unexpectedly.

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