Dream – Snakes

I was in a race with a lot of other people, but we were not racing against each other. I was a forerunner, a trailblazer, and so I was up ahead of the other runners. In fact, they were not within view as I jogged up a desert gully toward my goal.

My path was rocky and sandy. It was too hard to just walk on the sandy ground because there was not enough of it exposed among all the large boulders. It actually looked like an old riverbed, now that I think about it. There were fairly vertical walls to this gully, so it was almost like a furrow – nearly 12 feet high on each side, straight up, and about 12 feet (give or take a few) wide. The path was in the center, and it was only about 5-6 feet wide.

I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt, socks and sneakers, and I was healthy and fit. I was just cruising, not really straining, when I encountered a snake. I must have had my eyes on my feet, since I was hopping from boulder to boulder most of the time. Seeing the snake brought me up short, and I quickly glanced around, noticing a few more snakes. I looked behind me and saw just a few, and I thought, “I’d better go back!” But then I argued with myself, saying, “No! You can’t go back, you don’t have time to do this again. You HAVE to keep going.”

In the short time that it took for those thoughts to pass through my consciousness, I saw that the area directly behind me was now filling up with snakes. I realized I couldn’t go back now, even if I wanted to! Then turning back around to go on, I saw a giant snake to my left, about 8 feet tall, black, and standing upright like a person. He was terrifying to me. I looked to see if I could go to the right to avoid him, but realized he was long enough to get me if he stretched his body across the trail.

By this time the snakes were everywhere, and it became clear to me that I wasn’t going to make it out alive. I thought to myself, “I wonder if it will hurt much.” I also wondered how far I could get until I died, and if I would die quickly. I cried out to the Lord, “Jesus, come HELP me! I need you right now!” Then, determined to get as far as I could, I took a step back in the direction of my goal.

When my foot touched down, I had to blink and blink! I was running but I realized there were no longer any snakes! And the lodge at the end of the trail was only about 12 feet away. The Lord had translated me over the snakes and set me down just ahead of my destination, and I easily covered the rest of the territory and got into the safety of the shelter.

I had such an adrenalin rush, and I was praising the Lord with all my heart. There was nobody else present for a few minutes, and then the other runners all got there. I was astonished, and I said, “How did you get past the snakes?” They said, “What snakes?” I said, “The trail was FULL of snakes, and I was about to be killed by them. Then the Lord Christ picked me up and moved me beyond them so I could finish up the trail and get here safely!” They all said, “We didn’t see any snakes.”

Then I awoke.

Pastora Covert

Dec. 22, 2005

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