Open Letter To My Brothers & Sisters In Christ

I’m tired of always cleaning up messes or fixing old stuff or putting away things that are left out as if these are priorities for life. I feel like all we do is mark time, and time just happens to us. We are obviously victims of time and circumstance, when we should be more than conquerors. Depression often fills the void where love and companionship and camaraderie should be, and I know that it’s because we are not yet living life in the fulfillment of what Jesus provided for us. It’s there, somewhere in Him, and we have yet to find it. Meanwhile we suffer all kinds of torments because we live in fear – where torment lives: instead of in love, which casts out fear.

There are places of pain inside you that I wish I could reach. But truly they are designed for Someone Else to touch and heal. I feel sad that the future seems so bleak and out of control to you. I can even see how that looks myself, yet I see the hope overlaid upon the future no matter how devastating to the rest of humanity. And I wonder: if you had had the dreams and visions I have had all my life, if you had this constant sense of God watching you and loving you and helping you to walk in Him even when you knew you had screwed up here and there – would you have the deep abiding peace and knowledge of His tender loving care and personal involvement that I do?

Lately I begin to catch glimpses of joy – something that has been pretty elusive in my life – and it seems to come through the loudest and clearest in times of deep surrender to His Will. It comes through in the moments that I trust Him with all my heart against human “wisdom” or material constraints. It comes and I feel I must be fairly glowing with it, but I also notice that when others are discontented, it makes them uncomfortable – even angry – to see someone else content. I have been in a place of joy and had to endure the onslaught of “rational fear-thinking” from those I love dearest and best, as if I must be out of touch with the reality of evil and corruption of this world. As if I don’t have enough understanding about what’s at stake, and so they feel it their bounden duty to enlighten me and make sure I end up feeling as badly as they do. I know they don’t realize that what they are doing in the name of “love” is playing devil’s advocate (in the purest sense of the words). I don’t blame them, either, though sometimes it takes a while to recover afterward.

When I look at the world, I see the end in sight. But I’ve seen it coming for years. And I have one main prayer for all that I love: “Lord, lead them to Yourself, no matter what the cost.” In the nighttime when I pray this, I know that if I think too hard on what it means in daylight, I may flinch and hold back. But no truly Godly prayer, no prayer according to His will, will go astray. So I guess the second prayer is that I will put my trust in Him no matter what I see happening to those for whom I have prayed this prayer. I must trust in Him for all of it.

And the third prayer that I pray is that God will help me to die a good death and not be a coward or a sell-out. He knows my weakness, and I have entrusted myself to His care. I can truly do nothing about the future, unless it is to do God’s will for today. Jesus said that we cannot change the color of our hair and we cannot add an inch to our height, and we cannot change the future. He said to not to worry about tomorrow because that day will have enough evil to overcome. Today is the only day we really have, and if we aren’t living in it fully, then we aren’t really living.

And that is how I often feel… By looking too much to the future, we are not fully living in today.

How do we know if we are living in tomorrow and bypassing today in order to speed on to that uncertain future? Because all our focus comes to bear on things over which we have no control, while the very people whose lives we are meant to touch on a daily basis are right here – right now – yearning to know the Good News we have while everyone one else is otherwise occupied. We’re it. We are the ones. This is what we asked for. It’s not Pie In The Sky Bye and Bye… it’s allowing the Holy Spirit to regain control over things we have taken away, inch by inch, in our attempts to “do God’s will” for Him.

We each hold pieces of this puzzle, and we are meant to play our piece in our turn in order to find out what the whole thing looks like. We do not stand alone, but we are part of One Body. When our thinking cuts us off from the true Body, and we become isolated in our thinking, then we must return and find out where we got off the path. There is a true Body out there, and they are all on the way to Heaven. We are all linked, and we need each other. We must learn to overcome certain small differences in order to love each other. We must learn to forgive as we have been forgiven if we are to have the hope of Heaven that we preach to others. Like Paul, we must not allow our running to be in vain – to be disqualified at the end because we somehow failed to remember what this race it truly about. It does not go to the swiftest or the finest physical specimen – it goes to the one who remains faithful – Faith-Filled – to the end.

To what end? To a horror-filled final ending in the Great Tribulation? But wait! That isn’t the end. Not at all. Because we are not the ones who are being tried, and we are the Lord’s children. Our job is to cooperate with Holy Spirit to do a job to help our Brothers and Sisters. Only God knows what the details are just yet. I truly believe that right now all He wants is for us to be available to Him, with no pre-conceived agenda on the side. He knows we are aware of the (Pre-Tribulation) Rapture lie, and that we want to help. That should be enough for us. And that is, I believe, why we do not know yet where to go. That’s why we are spinning our wheels, hashing it out between ourselves, struggling to understand that which He has NOT chosen to reveal to us yet.

The bigger question, then, is not “where will we go”, but “can we be trusted”? When can we empty ourselves of all our own self-will and determine to do His will? It goes so very much against the grain to do this. I try to do a little of this every day, and I know how hard it is. But it’s not a man vs. woman thing, though at one time I thought it was, since women are expected to submit and men often don’t think they have to. Truly it’s just a fallen human thing, and it goes against the grain to surrender to God the most precious thing we humans possess… Our will.

Jesus, who was and is and is to come – fully human while on earth, fully God, too – said that apart from His Father He could do nothing. He only did what He saw His Father doing.

Oh, but I can do all kinds of things apart from God. And so can you. And that is the main problem we are having.

The seed fell to the ground and died, and it was raised again into new life. Jesus was that seed. And we are seed of the one who was cut off out of the land of the “living” – who losing our lives (according to our own plans and wills), will find true LIFE!

Time is very short. It is not the time for fear, but for exhilaration! It is time for excitement to see the times that all the generations before us only dreamed of. It is time to side with God completely, not only with our minds and some sentimental attachment to the Sunday School version of the Ancient of Days slumbering in His beard, but with the King, Glorious and Victorious, the Adonai Ts’Vaot – the Lord of the Heavenly Hosts – who will come to destroy the evil that has a stranglehold on the earth and bring His Righteous Judgment upon the earth!

Those who love Him will LOVE His appearing! We will not consider our flesh a big thing to lose in order that we may stand true to Him who purchased our eternal life. We are immortal and it is time for us to stop living for this stinking thing that the world idolizes and primps and pampers and stuffs and sells. We are children of the KING of Righteousness and Glory! We must now act like sons and daughters, even though some of us are taken to prison and some are put to the sword. We are immortal and have been redeemed – PURCHASED from slavery! Nothing can truly kill us, and we must not fear death for this reason.

We had no choice to start this human journey. It was decided by the will of our fathers and the acquiescence of our mothers.

We had no say in our upbringing, and it has shaped many of the twisted things in us that needed redeeming.

But we have a say in today. Our choice to live in today, to live each day as if it is our last, is the very best choice we can make.

I choose to live each day, by the grace of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, as if it is my last day on earth. I will ask what good and gracious thing I can do to bless others whom I love – and even dare to ask what I may do, by God’s will, for those I do not love but whom God does.

I choose to abide in the True Vine, apart from whom I can do nothing, and to do whatever I see Him doing. I choose to forgive others, as I have been forgiven. I choose to bear with others, long-suffering and uncomplaining to the best of my ability, so that they might see in me a little bit of the nature and character of the God whom I serve. I choose to love others to Christ, and love Christ with all my heart. And I choose not to fear.

I am imperfect. I will fail at times – that is not being fatalistic, just realistic. But I will, by the help of Christ, keep getting back up. And I will choose to worship Him in my heart, with my mouth, with my life, and with joy. The joy of the Lord IS my strength, and I will not be ashamed

Pastora Covert


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