Times of Quiet

I have been through quite a physical battle lately, but with every physical battle also comes a spiritual side, which is usually accompanied by question, such as:

Did I make this happen? Is it my fault? Does God still love me? Will He heal me? What if I am stuck this way for the rest of my life?

Now, it may seem obvious that we should be firm in our faith at all times. But none of us who truly know the Lord can deny that often the enemy of our souls comes to plague us with doubt when we are in trouble. The accuser of the brethren rises up to condemn us and convict us.

The truth is that even when these times come, and even when the enemy accuses us, there are times when it is right to agree with our adversary quickly, instead of defending ourselves. When the enemy tells me I have failed, I can quickly agree. Then I turn and cast myself on the mercy of Jesus Christ and allow Him to answer for me.

There are things that happen to us for which there is no earthly answer. But let us thank God that, if we are open, He will always give us something of Himself as a token or memento of victory in the fight.

Pastora Covert

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