A Straight Arrow Heaven-Bound – Dream/Vision

September 23, 2010

Last night I had a dream/vision. I say vision, because it was beyond the bounds of anything I have experienced in this earth, and therefore I know beyond all doubt that it was a vision of heaven given to me directly from the Lord. I will share the dream, and then I will share the thoughts that came to me after praying.

The Dream

I was traveling in a vehicle that was moving down the road. In the vehicle with me was a woman with a small child, and a young man who had brown, shoulder-length hair and was wearing leather sandals. There was also another child that was somehow attached to me and in my care, though she wasn’t my own child. Altogether there were five of us (I did not see a driver of the vehicle, and the five of us were seated together). As we traveled, suddenly the vehicle went off a very high cliff. As it did, I leaned forward and somehow gathered all five of us into a circle-hug, and began to tell them that were going to be in the Lord’s presence when we hit the bottom, and so we must all pray now and ask Him to receive us. I had peace and a sense of joyful anticipation and expectation. I had no doubt that all five of us were going to be rejoicing in the presence of Jesus in just a few seconds.

But when we landed, we were suddenly in a large building. The building was a combination restaurant, pharmacy and market. The restaurant was tremendous in size, and though there were many, many tables, they were few occupied. Yet, instead of clear rows to walk through, I, with my cane, had to walk around certain “display” tables that the owners had set up as roadblocks so you would have to look at what they were selling before you could pass to the table you were seeking to occupy. I found the roadblocks made my walking more painful because they forced me to be on my feet longer than necessary, and I wished they had been more thoughtful. I had begun to try to walk around one of the roadblocks, but a wealthy man sitting at a table next to one of the displays gave me a look of disdain, as if I were trash in his sight. So, I turned back, and because of the roadblocks, I decided that I would not eat in their restaurant.

In the next scene, the five of us who had gone over the cliff were once again in line, this time at the pharmacy. Someone was having a problem, and the woman with us had turned out to be a nurse, so she rendered first aid on the spot and then came back to wait with us. The young man remained in the line with me and the two children, and I spoke to him of his need for Jesus Christ, and why he needed salvation. He was very open and receptive.

In the next scene the five of us were in a hallway near the restrooms (if that is right), and standing next to a gas furnace which suddenly exploded. I felt myself shot into heaven, straight as an arrow, with tremendous velocity. As I left the atmosphere of the earth, all darkness fell away. There was no fear, no darkness, and no sadness. The exultation of my soul was beyond explanation. I saw what appeared as a tree in full foliage; green at the bottom, but with no branches and no trunk. It appeared that I was the trunk, and as I shot upward through the center of the leaves, I passed through the green, into orange and gold, and into light and gold that were not of this earth. I passed through lower realms of heaven in this wonderful state, overjoyed that I was on my journey home to be with my Jesus, and marveling at the lightness of everything. It was more full of light than anything here on earth, yet it did not hurt my eyes to see it. The strangest and most welcoming thing about it was that there was no darkness in the color – no sin. No sorrow. No FEAR. This is a poor explanation. There were other things I saw that caused me much wonder, but I was not allowed to remember what they were later.

In the next scene the five of us were once again on the earth, looking out a window from the far wall of the same restaurant, now past the tables that had originally hindered me. As we looked out, we saw a tremendous hill covered with trees in autumn foliage, and we saw many people streaming up into the hills on foot, looking for sanctuary. I somehow knew that things were getting bad in the city and I understood why these people were leaving.

Then I saw something horrifying: people who had previously moved up the mountain to get away from the city had made themselves fortresses and bunkers, and one of the occupants of one of the bunkers noticed the refugees streaming up the sides of the mountains through the trees and autumn foliage and began taking aim and shooting them dead by the dozens. He was dressed all in black, and was arrayed and armed as a sniper, such as S.W.A.T. teams employed. In horror I watched as he mowed down helpless and innocent victims in his attempts to make sure that nobody even thought of coming near his fortress to take what he had stored up for himself and his own. Because of these things I knew that many innocent people would travel looking for the promised shelter that the Lord had said He would provide in the days to come, but that there were evil men who prepared only for themselves, and would kill anyone who not only trespassed, but even seemed as if they had noticed their secure fortresses.

Because of what we saw, the five of us all went the hill, back into the building, and sat down, huddled next to the gas furnace, hoping that it would blow up again, and send us all to Jesus. Then I woke up.

My Thoughts and Observations

My prayers to the Lord were first of praise and thanksgiving for having let me have such a tremendous sense of love, lightness, fulfillment and joy as I shot like an arrow heavenward. I rejoiced in Him and praised Him because I knew that this was only a slight foretaste of the glory that is to come when we see Him, and I knew that I loved Him more than I love anything or anyone else, and this is right because He is the King of Heaven and it is good and right to give Him the glory that is due to His righteous name. This is the first time in all my life of seeing visions that I have had such a profound sensory inclusion in a vision where I felt touched by the hand of God in such a way that the wretchedness of my human condition mattered very little when I awoke from the vision.

As I pondered, and reflected on what I saw, there was something that came to me, which underscored a dream I had last week: The children must be warned that they must not take the Mark of the Beast. Parents are afraid to scare their children, but if they put their faith in the power of the Holy Spirit to tell their children the truth, and if they will tell their children that it will not come by surprise or by accident, but that they will have plenty of warning, then the children will believe their parents and NOT TAKE THE MARK! This is one case where not telling the children is dooming them in the event of future captivity, where parents will become separated from their children and the Beast will try to have children re-educated. If a child does not know that s/he should not take the Mark, then s/he will take that Mark and worship the Beast because s/he knows no better. God-fearing parents must prepare their children for the future that is coming. He who loves his life will lose it. He who loses his life for the sake of Jesus Christ shall find salvation and life eternal in Him.

The restaurant in the building seems to represent the church (not the Church). Three times we went to the restaurant – the first time the merchandizing prevented us from entering, it was a roadblock, or a stumbling block. The second time we were past the roadblock sitting in the restaurant. The third time we entered the building we did not go to the restaurant at all. The application to the American Corporation Business church seems very strong here, and it is the first time a symbol was repeated three times.

In the dream we did not have any supplies put aside. We were entirely at the mercy of the situation.

Also, though we prepare for the future as wise virgins, we must not live in fear! FEAR IS SIN, unless it is the godly type that we have toward God! To fear is to take away the ability to hear the Holy Spirit speak to us in situations where God would give us direction that could deliver us out of the hands of the enemy even as God guided Gideon (thanks to my mate for pointing this out). FEAR is food prepared for us by the devil and his angels, and if we eat of it, we will become sick in our spirits and unable to function.

Jesus said that we were to put our trust in Him. He said to watch and pray. He said that we were not to worry. That is not the same as not preparing. But as we prepare for the days to come, let us go in and out rejoicing in Him while we may. If the apostles could praise and worship God while being chained in a jail that was essentially a sewer under a palace, then why can we not praise and worship God while we are making our preparations to keep our families safe from the ravages of the godlessness of this world?

Let us, therefore, honor the Lord our God and ask Him to show us how to fit into His plans, rather than asking Him to bless ours. Amen

Pastora Covert


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