Where We Are

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are at a turning point in our walk with the Lord Jesus. We can no longer accept the chewed up, regurgitated “word of the Lord” from the so-called “prophets” of the popular church culture. We can no longer trust the men and women who continually weave their spells over the sheep they are supposed to be shepherding, while instead they savage the poor lambs. We must learn what is really happening to our American churches in order to steer clear of the inherent dangers. We must learn to look with new eyes at things we have been taught to view one way – “Their” way.

It is only by asking the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth that we may begin to receive ointment for our eyes so that we may see. Let us ask the Lord to teach us His ways, and to help us to extricate ourselves from the traps set by the wolves who have crept in, unopposed, among the sheep.

May we love the truth more than the sophisticated lies we have learned from the cradle.

In Jesus’ name,

Pastora Covert

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