Angel on a Motorcycle

A friend challenged a bunch of us to step out and do the thing that we have always wanted to do – our heart’s desire – in our service to the Lord. It reminded me of the dream/vision I had many years ago (early 80’s?) and I’m going to share it here.
In my dream, an angel came riding up to me on a motorcycle and told me to get on. He said: “Come, I will show you what it’s like in Time Square after dark.”
I was living in California, and had never been to New York. I had no idea what Time Square looked like (I had not seen New Year’s Rockin’ Eve before, either)
The angel took me to the center of Time Square and there was a square platform (reminiscent of an old time boxing ring but without ropes), with wooden steps leading up to it. On that platform was an old wringer washing machine, and my job was to wash garments and hand out clean white linen garments to anyone who wanted them. So I began washing a pile of dirty garments and handing out clean, white garments to people who gladly took them from my hand.
I felt happy to be doing this, but then, abruptly, darkness fell on Time Square – it was exactly like pulling down a window shade.
Suddenly there was a mass of people huddling on the ground dressed in black. At the back of the crowd an old woman stood up, and she was clearly a witch with great hatred in her heart. She made her way through the huddled figures on the ground, and came up close to me at the foot of the platform.
I held out a white garment to her, and she took it and tore it to shreds. Then she began to incite the crowd to attack me. People began to rise up and surge forward, and the angel, who had been standing guard, took hold of my arm and got me out of there before they could swarm the platform and tear me up.
End of dream.
Back in those days, I knew clearly that part of my calling was to hand out white garments (lead people to Jesus). I didn’t recognize hajibs, niqabs or burqas, nor did I recognize Muslims. This was back in the early 80’s. However, not so long ago I began to recognize that the ones to whom I was giving white garments (they were all dressed in black, and most seemed to be women) were Muslims, and it was after a great darkness had fallen on Time Square (symbol of America).
This is only one dream where I am healing or witnessing, and I can see in every dream that God’s hand is protecting me.
So, to answer the challenge, what I would do – and truly try to do every day – is step up onto that platform and hand out white linen garments for as long as I could, until the Lord tells the angel to get me out of there. Or until He takes me home in the course of performing my duty to Him.
I extend the challenge to you, and invite you to post your answers if you’d like.
Pastora C

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