I cried when I watched this video (see below).

I’m not going to get political. I’m going to be human, and broken, and weary of what we all do to each other for what we believe are the best of reasons.

Going out to shed blood never ended with total victory – not even for one side. Going out to tear down and destroy enemies of an “idea” never bought peace for anyone.

Some are too young to remember what our country was like when President Kennedy was assassinated, when his brother Bobby was also assassinated, when Martin Luther King was assassinated. The thing is, it’s the powers behind the scenes that manipulate these things to happen, that pit us against each other, that force us to choose sides by planting their own people among those they consider mere “sheeple”.

This video eloquently speaks for love. The only blood that truly brought victory was that of the One who loved us in all our ugliness, our brokenness, our wrongness, and our sense of self-righteousness. That’s Yeshua, Jesus, the only one who never did anything wrong and who died in our place so we could be made right with the Father, Abba, in heaven.

There is plenty of what seems like absolute hell here on earth right now! And a lot of Christians are going to stop loving each other, let alone seek the lost. But you don’t have a choice if you are called by His name! So here’s what you need to do.

Love one another. Stop hating each other, stop hating sinners, but pray for them and lay down your life for them. Open your wallet for the beggar, make a meal for a widow, visit a prisoner who sits in despair. Lead the younger generation with patience, share your wisdom, help them to temper their passion with prayer, lead them to JESUS!

That’s not all! You need to pray for our leaders, pray for our new president, pray we don’t have civil war. Don’t bow to anarchy even within your own heart. Don’t fall to rebellion because surely it will fell you!

Then, when you’ve checked out your heart for all of these things, and you’ve made it right with Abba, ask Him that the light will remain just a little longer so we, His children, can get ourselves together and prepare ourselves to be the Bride that Jesus is returning for.

And while you’re at it, bring along as many as you can, because they are all invited.

Pastora Covert

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