PUT YOUR FEET UNDER YOUR OWN TABLE: Dream, Interpretation, and Prophetic Word



A group of people were looking to me to give them answers, to go to the Lord for them to tell them what will happen, and to ask for certain favors or gifts from Him. I went before the Lord and He gave me no word for them. I went back to tell them so. They were in disarray, confusion and were living for themselves, with only a loose association to each other though they professed to be believers and even friends. Some had a lot, some had nothing, and all were so busy going here and there that they were not tending to matters in their own homes. So, once more, I went before the Lord because my heart was very troubled by what I saw. And this time He spoke to me.


I went back and told the people to gather around to hear what the Lord said. They said, “What did the Lord say?” I answered, “You’re not going to like it.” I told them; “Gather your shoes, place your slippers inside them, pull your tables into a circle, place your chairs at the tables, put your feet in your shoes and yourselves in your chairs, put your feet under your own table (which is truly the table I have prepared for you in the presence of your enemies [i], and is therefore My table), and prepare to be the ones who meet together in agreement before Me to help each other to meet these needs.” 

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