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Note: 2017 – Ten years on, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been delayed, over budget, and not produced or delivered on schedule. To me, it seemed like a dead issue, but the President Donald Trump revived it and it was reported that a new deal was being cut so that this aircraft can be produced for far less cost.

Taking into account the changing political climate in this country, the things I dreamed ten years ago do not seem nearly as far-fetched as they did when I dreamed them. My husband and I went to NY, and met up with a friend of mine who joined us for the purpose of verifying the location of everything I dreamed about, including the forest, the armory, the music (and arts) school and the fact that the school was nearly empty and mostly unused. The person employed at the school who gave us the tour, and she showed us the whole school, including the basement. She was upset when I told her about the dream. Several months later when I called the school to ask some follow-up questions, I was informed that she had quit her job.

I released this dream in 2009 (see note below). Then I was cyber-stalked by a ruthless person who was taking pains to cause trouble for my entire family tree – everyone he could find that might be related to me – and so I took the dream down from my website, and deleted my Facebook account along with most of my web presence.

Enough time has passed, and I believe this is too important to ignore at this point, especially in light of other recent developments. The notes added are in chronological order to show the additional information that has come to light. I have gone through to check links, and some were no good after all these years, so I deleted them. Otherwise, I have in no way changed the text of the dream, but new information has been added in brackets as a way to update the narrative.

Please save a copy of this for future dissemination in the event that I am once more forced to remove it.

Pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit. May the Lord keep us all close to His heart, without fear, in the name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

In His love,

Pastora Covert

Note: 2009 – I had this dream two+ years ago, but until now I have been sitting on it, waiting for the appropriate time to share it. I do have witnesses to the fact that I had this dream back in 2007, and one of the witnesses actually helped me to confirm some of the information from my dream. It may be difficult to believe that such detail could be derived from a dream, but if this is about real future events, then this is a very specific warning! If nothing comes of it, then that will be a tremendous relief, and I will accept the responsibility for publishing my dream as a flight of fancy. But if I do not publish it, and these things come to pass before I can warn people, then the fault will be mine. I don’t believe I have any choice now, and so I present the following dream along with verification and confirming data.

Pastora Covert


Feb. 2, 2007


I have tried to remember all the details that I could about this dream. I believe it is a warning of a future event, since it seems very specific.

I dreamed I was walking out of a residential section and saw, among other military assets within a fenced enclosure, a fighter jet – kind of a robin’s egg blue – lifting up in a hover, preparing to take off. I was given to know that it was going to make an attack on U.S. civilians on the ground, so I quickly ran to get away. I passed behind a jeep with a driver that was looking in the other direction – from my vantage point I saw a man and a woman hiding behind a large pole of some sort, trying to keep out of view of the jeep driver.

I ran on into a wooded area that was a bit lower than the road that skirted part of it. I was given to know that the military was going to flood the area with some sort of gas or accelerant, and then use the fighter jet to shoot into it to cause a fire that would burn down that forest and kill all the people who were hiding in there. I had the sense of less than fifty people being there, although I only saw a few people running willy-nilly through the forest with no apparent sense of direction or plan. I ran through the forest and then up [a slightly elevated ridge] to where I came out of the lower place, and found a small road. I kept running and running and running.

Eventually I found a school of music and went through its grounds. I was given to know it was going to be burned, too, but it seemed unoccupied. As I ran through the end of the property, I realized there was a  [black] woman [this is important because I later went through all of these areas with this woman in real life] who had joined me, though we were not together by consent. She simply ran alongside me, and finally we came out at Niagara Falls – it was with a view of the American Falls. By this I was given to understand that all of this took place in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

The facts of the dream:

Upon investigation, I discovered the 107th Air Refueling Station in Niagara Falls (located at 9910 Blewett Ave., Niagara Falls, NY 14304).

Then I located the Music School of Niagara, Inc. (located at 1021 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls, NY 14301), which is less than a mile from the Rainbow Bridge (GoogleEarth pointer: 43 05’40.19”N 79 02’56.41” W). This location seems to be a possible fit for the dream, though I have no way to visit the school to see if it is indeed the place I saw in my dream [update – upon visiting the location a few years later, we did verify the location of the school].

The other locations seem quite appropriate to the dream I had, and seem to fit the scenario well.

I had never seen an aircraft like the one in my dream. I am familiar with the Harrier (, with various helicopters, and with stealth aircraft, but quickly ruled them out. I had to find a jet that could lift off vertically and take off from a hover, with missile capability and a distinctive shape. I discovered the jet that I was looking at was strikingly similar to the X-35 Joint Strike Force Jet, which is manufactured by Lockheed-Martin, and will be purchased by the United States and the UK in 2010 – 2012. It can hover take-off and hover land, and it can do multiple tasks with weapons. [Boeing was also in competition for this contract.] Differences between X-35 and F-35 JSF:

I also discovered that the color of the Jet was UN Blue – like the berets the UN troops wear. I learned that UN assets are usually painted white with black lettering. However, it may be that I could have missed the significance of a white jet, and that I was shown a blue one (robin’s egg blue) to give me the understanding that this was not a strictly United States asset.

Through the use of Google Earth, I found a stand of trees just below the airport in Niagara Falls that fit the description of what I saw. (Google Earth pointer: 43 06’20.21” N 78 57’ 41.12” W elev. 591 ft.)

Running from the 107th Air Refueling Station (located at the Niagara Falls Airport, just north), it would be seven miles west to the music school.

I do not know why I was shown these things, but the fact that I have never seen these locations with my own eyes, but was able to confirm them – including a jet that as of 2007 was still experimental but has been accepted for use in our military – tells me to record the dream.

I have done so, and I have printouts from a topographic map, Rand McNally and Google Earth with my original notes as well as copies of the video of the X-35 and some statistics about it.

April 15, 2009 Important Update:

I have been waiting for the Lord to release me to share this vision with the Body of Christ. Back in 2007 when I shared this with my pastor in Louisiana, he told me some amazing information. He was stationed at Niagara Falls in the army many years ago, and his wife actually broke her ankle in the very forest I saw in my dream and identified on Google Earth.

I believe my dream has significance on several levels. The verification and confirmations I have received through my investigation leads me to believe it is important to us to be prepared for the possibility of citizens of the United States being captured and incarcerated by their own government because of their personal beliefs and stated opinions.

Please read this article: I have determined that it is very important now to share this information with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

In 2007 I could not understand the presence of people in the forest who appeared to be running away, trying to hide. But this past year I received a list of FEMA camps that have been prepared across the ten proposed regions of the United States. One of the camps is located in Buffalo, NY, a mere 21 miles from Niagara Falls. If people had escaped from the FEMA camp, perhaps during some kind of riot, and were fleeing to Canada, this is a possible escape route. The fact is that the Peace Bridge goes from Buffalo, NY, into Canada. However, I was not shown what might have been happening in Buffalo simultaneously to my vision of Niagara Falls. It is clearly possible for any military jets to close the 21-mile gap in a few minutes if they were needed to squash a rebellion or kill escapees at either location.

Maps and Location Pointers

Rand-McNally map of route from Buffalo, NY to Niagara Falls, NY. If you do your own search, you can bring up the same map and then zoom in to see the various bridges over to Canada from N.Y.

[2017 note: Link no good, so I have provided a new link to Google Maps, same locations available]:,-79.0022036,11.25z

If you navigate within the map you can see Niagara Falls International Airport, and you can see the forest that I saw in my dream.

Information on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

X-35 JSF:

Here is another video of the X-35 in action:

The wonders of the X-35

F-35 Glass Cockpit – How to fly and drop bombs:

This jet is being developed for the USAF, USN, USMC and the UK. It is not difficult to see further application, perhaps for the UN.

In 2002 Turkey became the seventh partner (internationally) to join in the development of the X-35. Other nations to join in the project include UK, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Singapore, and Australia – all of which are members of the United Nations.

Here is a comprehensive list of the current members of the United Nations:

Here is the Wikipedia article on the Lockheed-Martin X-35, which won over the Boeing X-35:

Boeing and Lockheed-Martin had a competition to see who would win the contract and Lockheed-Martin won. “On April 6, 2009 US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced that the US would buy a total of 2,443 JSFs”.

FEMA Information:

Information on FEMA camps and Executive Orders that could be enacted:

[This link has a deletion notice, showing that this article did at one time exist but has been taken down]:

[This link is still good, and shows good aerial photographs of the area]:

Do your research! Do your due diligence! This is not a conspiracy, or a conspiracy theory. This was a warning dream.

Pastora Covert

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