Brooding Comes Before Hatching

Hovering over something and brooding over something can be seen as similar activities. Brooding implies more than simply sitting on a thought, but rather being intentional even though to all outward appearances you might seem to be inactive.

My life is like that right now: I am brooding over thoughts and ideas and plans. Brooding is very necessary and must be done before a thing can hatch. Otherwise, the ideas will grow cold, and the plans will fail to incubate.

Any day now my little chickies will start bursting out of their metaphoric shells. I realize that part of my job as I hover over them is to make sure I am prepared to raise them to maturity when they finally “arrive”.

This seems like a monumental task to me. But whenever I feel overwhelmed, I just remember how in Genesis it says that the Holy Spirit brooded/hovered over the face of the deep waters before everything on the earth was formed.

It is in our nature to create things because God has placed that Divine spark within us if we have allowed Him to breathe His breath into us. How awesome it is to partake in creation, even if our little piece of it seems inconsequential or unsubstantial by comparison.

To be fully submitted to God is to place ourselves in a position to receive inspiration from Him. With inspiration, we become pregnant with ideas, thoughts and plans. As the intangible makes the transition to tangible, we find we are sitting on a nest full of as yet unrealized potential. So we brood and hover until the time is right, and our nest is full of hatchlings.

To be in partnership with God is to realize that we don’t have everything that is necessary to make a plan prosper. It means that we accept the fact that He is the Senior partner, and we are humbled and honored to be in His company in this great process of creation. It means that once the eggs hatch, we don’t scoop them up and run off with a quick “let’s do lunch”, cutting God out of our plans because we think we can “take it from here”.

It is a glory and a joy to be invited to be part of the process of creating things. I hope that as things in my life progress, I never want to tell God “let’s do lunch”, but that I will wait on Him through each stage of the journey.

For a healthy flock, brooding comes before hatching, but all of the intentional waiting pays off when when hatching day comes.

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