Hind’s Feet On High Places

Hinds Feet On High Places

Hind's Feet On High Places

ISBN-10: 0768422787 ISBN-13: 978-0768422788 In her book, Hind’s Feet on High Places, Hannah Hurnard tells the story of Poor Little Much Afraid, who is in the service of the Shepherd. Much Afraid lives in the Valley of Fearing, and though she would very much like to be able to climb up into the mountains of the Kingdom of Love, she is lame and her face is marred, and she knows that nothing that is imperfect or flawed can exist in that wonderful place. But the Shepherd offers to help her to be transformed so that she can go upon the mountains with hind’s feet and be loved at last. In order to start the journey to the high places, the Shepherd must plant the seed of love within the heart of Poor Little Much Afraid. She immediately agrees, but nearly faints with fear when she sees the terrible pointed thorn the Shepherd produces. She asks if it will hurt, and He tells her that it will hurt, but it will also be sweet, and that is the only way for her to be made ready to make the journey. So she submits to this fearful thing, and finds that although it hurts, it happens so quickly that she hardly knows what is happening before it is all over. Poor Little Much Afraid wishes to have the Shepherd to lead her up the mountain Himself, but instead He gives her two guides. These guides are Sorrow and Suffering, both strong and willing guides to help poor ugly and crippled little Much Afraid to get up that mountain in spite of the attempts at interference from her Fearing relatives. In the beginning Much Afraid doesn’t even understand the language of Sorrow and Suffering, and she tries to climb up the foot of the mountain by herself, so much does she detest the idea of actually taking them by the hand. But the Shepherd explains to her that it is the only way for her to make the climb, because she is not strong enough to make the trip, let alone survive, without their help. Ms. Hurnard tells a lovely story, and I have read it at least once a year all of my life since age 14. I highly recommend this book.

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