Stretched Infants

Author’s note:The following dream occurred about seven years ago. During that time I published this dream. However, I wish to clarify my wording regarding the Christian Religious System (CRS) so that people will not misunderstand; there are many faithful congregations of people who love the Lord out there – this is not about them. When […]

Take The Precious Out Of The Vile

Here is the word from God’s Word, a word from Adonai God to Jeremiah, that has captivated me. It is the redefined vision for those who are coming out of the midst of a defiled church. TAKE OUT THE PRECIOUS FROM THE VILE. (19) Therefore thus says the LORD: “ If you return, Then I will […]

The Speech of the Free

The Speech of the Free You may think this is going to be a paper about Veterans who have fought on foreign soil in order to secure our civil liberties.It is not. You might think this is a paper about politics and choice of candidates.It is not. It is about the cost of our words, and our accountability […]