Discipline Within The Christian Church: How and Why

When one person claims to be a member of the Church (a Christian), and then does things that are harmful to the body, there is a process that we are to observe in the hope that healing will happen.

Stretched Infants

Author’s note:The following dream occurred about seven years ago. During that time I published this dream. However, I wish to clarify my wording regarding the Christian Religious System (CRS) so that people will not misunderstand; there are many faithful congregations of people who love the Lord out there – this is not about them. When […]

Denominationalism Thwarts Unity In The Body Of Christ

In the days of the Apostle Paul there was one church in each city. In the Revelation of Christ to John on the Isle of Patmos, there was one church in each city. I believe that Denominationalism detracts from the teachings of our Lord. I believe that Denominationalism causes us to look at the teachings of a man, instead of adhering to the teachings of God in the Old and New Covenants

Clouds Without Water – A Study In The Book Of Jude

Christian artist Teri DiSario once recorded a song called “Clouds Without Water;” I woke up with this on my mind one morning. To my surprise, I found that even though I hadn’t heard the song in at least 15 years I could still sing the chorus, which went pretty much like this: “Are we clouds […]