Christianity “Lite” = Asleep In The Light

How much darkness is enough to make your worldly associates think you’re cool? What if you have so much darkness that you already have sunk to playing “Devil’s Advocate” with your Christian friends about the goodness of God?

A Word for Today

I’ve been noticing lately how some self-identified believer in Christ cringe when you mention the existence of the devil, or the activity of demons. They seem to be in a state of denial about the very existence of beings whom Christ not only cast out of victims of their torment, but they also have forgotten […]


Some people get a kick out of meanness. They enjoy trying to spoil the faith and trust that others have in God. They have nothing good in their lives, so they wish to ruin what others have. I don’t think it makes them feel better; I think it is just a bad habit.

Clouds Without Water – A Study In The Book Of Jude

Christian artist Teri DiSario once recorded a song called “Clouds Without Water;” I woke up with this on my mind one morning. To my surprise, I found that even though I hadn’t heard the song in at least 15 years I could still sing the chorus, which went pretty much like this: “Are we clouds […]