The Armor of the Lord

I enjoy stories of bravery, especially stories of old where knights fight evil dragons and kings lead their gallant soldiers into battle. I know I am not the only person to feel this way about epic tales of heroic deeds against impossible odds. But a story is only a story, and as inspiring as it […]

The World Is Coming To An End

The world is coming to an end. It is teeming with life that was doomed before it was born. The very rich and powerful have purchased immunity from suffering, while the poor and helpless lie down to sleep in the very dust to which they will soon return. From the fall of man to our […]

What A Wonderful Testimony From A Little Boy

A little cowboy who calls a radio station to talk about his calf… and God.

Expectations and Disappointment

Expectations and Disappointment Disappointment is part of life. I said that to remind myself that I can only be disappointed if I have expectations. Some people don’t think you should have expectations, and then you won’t be disappointed. But this is backwards, in my opinion. I think it is fair, reasonable and perfectly sane to […]

How I Can Reconcile My Faith and My Worldview

It is unrealistic to think that all Christians are responsible for the Crusades, for example. For one thing, I am a Christ-follower and I do not believe in bombing or fighting in order to take something away from someone else. I do not believe in using our young men and women to kill another country’s young men and women so that we may be enriched as a nation. I do not believe in wiping out a race of people based on their religious views. I do not believe in using babies as shields, or poisoning the wells, or using microwaves to silently kill unsuspecting victims.