Truth In The Inward Parts

These words of King David are addressed to God:(6) Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost place. Psalms 51:6Bathsheba, the object of King David’s lust and desire, the wife of Uriah, has become pregnant with David’s child. David’s response to the news of Bathsheba’s pregnancy is to […]

No Other Name, Not Even Rick Warren

NO OTHER NAME, NOT EVEN RICK WARREN [Please know that I don’t have a personal vendetta, you can’t donate to my “ministry”, I don’t take a salary and I don’t sell books or tapes. I’m not saying that all churches are evil or that all ministries herein named are dishonest. I am not cynical or jaded, […]

Put Away The Wicked From Among You – A Sermon

Put Away The Wicked From Among You – A Sermon If you are a Christian believer, then this is written to you.However, anyone may feel free to read it.I’m going to jump right in and tackle a subject that shouldn’t be controversial! But it is. So here we go.In order for the churches to be clean, […]

Reflections on Paul, the Apostle of Christ

Reflections on Paul, the Apostle of Christ A good friend of mine, Jim, had a post not long ago that was of interest to me. I made a long reply there, but thought I would bring the topic to my blog for further discussion and development.Here is part of Jim’s post:“‘Now when I came to […]

Salvation And The Last Days

Note that in the last days, men’s hearts will fail them because of fear. An increasing number of people will experience heart attacks, heart failure, anxiety attacks and such because of the fear they have regarding the times we are in, and their dismay for the future will cause them to weaken and loose heart.