About Deliverance From Demons

ABOUT DELIVERANCE FROM DEMONSThe following is an excerpt from some correspondence I had with a pastor-brother on the subject of deliverance from demons, commonly held as “deliverance ministry” in the church. I have removed the names in order to protect the privacy of the individuals. These are my thoughts on the issue of biblical teaching […]

Trying To Earn God’s Imprimatur

Trying To Earn God’s Imprimatur “Imprimatur: Literally, it means “Let it be printed.” It is an official formula of license to print or publish, affixed by a censor or board of censors to a book or pamphlet. In the Catholic Bible versions, a bishop or archbishop is listed as the imprimatur.” ( from http://www.innvista.com/culture/religion/bible/glossary.htm) Following […]