1981 Near Death Experience: Dying and Meeting Jesus

Sharing this video of my experience in the hope it will bless others.Pastora Covert


Going out to shed blood never ended with total victory – not even for one side. Going out to tear down and destroy enemies of an “idea” never bought peace for anyone.

Angel on a Motorcycle

I held out a white garment to her, and she took it and tore it to shreds. Then she began to incite the crowd to attack me. People began to rise up and surge forward, and the angel, who had been standing guard, took hold of my arm and got me out of there before they could swarm the platform and tear me up.

Of Dune and Messiahs

They are a holdover from my lifelong love of science fiction and my desire to understand the “words of the prophets [that are] written on the subway walls and tenement halls”.

The Armor of the Lord

I enjoy stories of bravery, especially stories of old where knights fight evil dragons and kings lead their gallant soldiers into battle. I know I am not the only person to feel this way about epic tales of heroic deeds against impossible odds. But a story is only a story, and as inspiring as it […]