God’s Wrath – Dream/Vision

I had this dream several years ago, but it is still relevant. Please share! This is a Wake Up Call.Pastora Covert

PUT YOUR FEET UNDER YOUR OWN TABLE: Dream, Interpretation, and Prophetic Word

AWAKE NOW SLEEPERS! Put away your rancor, your unforgiveness, your fear, your vain imaginations, your vainglories and unwarranted pride, humble yourselves before the Lord, and prepare to find yourselves in the presence of your Master to do His will utterly, with a whole heart and a good will.

For Such a Time As This – David Murry (Guest Post)

All over social media, those who have not accepted Christ are silently comparing the love they see in this movie with the love they see in us. They are watching us. Studying what is invisible through the tangible representation offered through His ambassadors. We, the Church, are supposed to know, abide in, and walk submersed in the Love and Wisdom of Jesus Christ. Instead… we are choosing to tear each other down. Church is arguing and contending with one another over the doctrinal accuracy of this work. DWM