Protecting Your Marriage

Protecting Your Marriage Today’s message is about protecting and healing your marriage from infidelity. I hope that you or someone you know can benefit from this information.In Christ,Pastora Covert_________________________________________________________________________________________________________We live in a time when all sorts of factors are entering into our lives to threaten our marriages and families.Some of these threatening factors are outside […]

Trying To Earn God’s Imprimatur

Trying To Earn God’s Imprimatur “Imprimatur: Literally, it means “Let it be printed.” It is an official formula of license to print or publish, affixed by a censor or board of censors to a book or pamphlet. In the Catholic Bible versions, a bishop or archbishop is listed as the imprimatur.” ( from Following […]

Marriage, Love & Sex

[Note: The following is an excellent paper written by my Captain Mike. My husband wrote that paper for our children – we have seven children between us – and he wanted to make sure that after our own personal past failures that the kids (even the grown and married ones) realized that we had both found God’s […]